Rental at Duvenhof Golf Course

History of Duvenhof

History of Duvenhof

1) The painting shows the Duvenhof 1941 (by H. Krause). The following pictures show the Duvenhof approx. 1890 to 1910.

2) My father Ernst Heesen was born at the Duvenhof in 1923. The first picture shows him with his sister Johanna and his younger brother Hans-Peter.Before the war the first tractor was bought to make the work on the farm easier. My father had to become a soldier very early in his life. The second picture shows him with my grandparents and his siblings in 1942. 

3) My grandfather died of lung cancer during the war in 1944. In January 1945 the old Duvenhof was completely destroyed by an aerial mine. After his return from the war in June 1945, my father, as the eldest son, had the challenge to rebuild the farm. The picture shows the engagement ceremony of my mother Erika and father Ernst in 1951. In 1952 Erika and Ernst celebrated their wedding. After rebuilding the barn, all farm buildings were finally finished by the end of 1955.

4) I spend a wonderful childhood with my two siblings Rita and Hans Otto on the newly built Duvenhof. For health reasons my father had to give up farming.

5) For the future preservation of the Duvenhof, my father decided to change its use from agriculture to a sports facility. Thus the first-class Duvenhof golf course was built.
My parents have both passed away in the meantime and have left behind a beautiful farm, which hopefully will continue to be inhabited by many generations with gratitude and passion. Together with my sister and my husband we made the project of furnished rentals possible. We look forward to sharing the unique atmosphere and life here with many guests.